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How to change screen resolution in windows 10

Screen Resolution in Windows 10(Screen Resolution and Display)-

The screen resolution of the display is one of the main features in Windows platform which determines how much content and information is displayed on the screen. It is important to have correct screen resolution as it facilitates better display of the content and information and other related images and pictures. If any user want to change the screen resolution settings on Windows platform, its not tough if the user is know to the process. Windows 10 has support for thousands of displays suited as per the users choice.

Screen Resolution Change – Computer monitor can support thousands of displays. If the screen resolution is changed in any system, it will be effective for all the users using the machine. It is always recommended to set the screen resolution to native resolution to get best display effect on your monitor screen. There are several features of having high screen resolution. Screen resolution comes in group of different ranges. The minimum range being 800*600 and the maximum range is 1920*1080- which is mostly recommended in all windows systems.

The screen resolution must be minimum 1024*768 to open multiple applications and windows on the computer’s screen. Even Windows Store is supported in screen resolution of 1024*768.

Now we will go through the simple steps involved in changing the screen resolution with ease-

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STEP 1 – Just right click on the desktop and from the option available choose “Screen Resolution” or ” Display Settings” button.

STEP 2 – After clicking on Display settings, Click on Advanced Display settings option available at the bottom of the menu.

STEP 3 – clicking on to the Advanced display settings will bring all different screen resolution available on your Windows. Now from the list Select the correct screen resolution or the desired resolution as per the users choice. Under Resolution, select the desired screen resolution range and click on Apply and the changes will be applied automatically.

There is another option available for changing the screen resolution. For this user need to Go to Start button and choose settings from the option. On the next settings page Click on the SYSTEM button where user can find the various display settings. Click on the Display icon to explore all resolutions and screen resolution features.

Display Adapter Properties – When you get into the advance display settings there is a option available at the bottom of display adapter properties, which is also used for changing the screen resolution. Lets see how! Click on the display adapter properties, In the adapter tab click on List all modes, which display all different available screen resolutions, select the desired display mode and proceed to click on OK. Now close the setting if you are done with it.

These are few simple steps involved in changing the screen resolution in Windows 10. Its simple and quick. Now set your computer screen to any possible resolution and explore all the functions and differences between them and explained in the article above. Now its the time to experience and explore more on Windows 10.